Thai Sriwilai political party prepare to establish extraordinary committee to consider legalizing sex workers in Thailand

PHOTO: Siamrath

Bangkok –

The Thai Sriwilai political party is planning to establish a committee to study and organize brothels, massage parlors, and lounges, and the legalization of sex workers in order to attract foreign visitors and generate income for the country.

Phakorn Chandrakana, the deputy leader of the Thai Sriwilai Party and the chairperson of the party’s working group on women’s rights, revealed to the Associated Press today, December 22nd, that the party is considering proposing a committee to study the possibility of sexual activities legalization to boost the domestic economy.

“Currently, there are more than 500,000 people of all genders working as sex workers in Thailand. Although there are prostitution prevention laws, the occupation of sex workers still exists from time to time with the acknowledgment of government officials who are also involved in the tribute. However, because of archaic laws, some officials claim that this industry does not officially exist, with some government officials even making widely ridiculed statements claiming there was no prostitution in Thailand.” the deputy leader said.

Thai Sriwilai party leader Mongkolkit Suksintharanon further stated that the country’s income is not balanced with the expenditure. Therefore, money from gray businesses should be legalized as tax money which could possibly generate more than a hundred million baht per year.

He continued: “People who work in the sex worker business also have no fundamental rights or social security. Therefore, the party decided to prepare to submit the motion for the council to consider establishing such an extraordinary committee. The government is also looking at proposals for other “grey” areas like casinos, it is important to finally address this issue and legalize it, which will also help stop corruption.”


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Nop Meechukhun
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