13 supercars, and much more discovered at 2-acre luxury home of wanted policeman “Chief Joe”

Bangkok –

An investigative team of the Royal Thai Police arrived at Superintendent (Police Chief) Thitisan “Chief Joe” Uttanaphon’s luxury residence in Bangkok today, August 24th, to track down the house owner following the issue of an arrest warrant by Nakhon Sawan Provincial Court this morning.

The officials began searching the house at Panya Intra 1 Village in Khlong Sam Wa district for possible leads and the location of Police Colonel Thitisan Uttanaphon, superintendent of Mueng Nakhon Sawan Police Station, who was wanted by the Nakhon Sawan officials following a crime of allegedly suffocating a drug suspect to death which was caught on video and released to the internet that went viral yesterday, August 24th, 2021.

Upon the observation, the house, approximately about 5 rais or nearly 2 acres, was facilitated with a large football field and a large swimming pool. A number of 13 luxurious cars and supercars were also found at the place, totaling worth more than 100 million baht in value. This included a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. According to investigative teams, this appeared to be highly unusual for someone on a police officer’s salary to have.

Thitisan was absent and only two Myanmar housekeepers and a house security guard were present to the police during the search. The police then examined the area and questioned the house employees before continuing the investigation. The house staff claimed they had no idea where Thitisan was and had no contact with him.

Officers continue to hunt for “Chief Joe” and are fearing that he may be trying to flee the Kingdom of Thailand.

Photo Courtesy: Posttoday


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