Latest information on COVID-19 control measures for Bangkok

The following is a press release from the Thai Tourism Authority. Their statements are their own. TPN notes this is ONLY Bangkok restrictions, Chonburi, home of Pattaya and TPN media, is slightly different and you can read more here.

Bangkok, 20 July 2021 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to provide an update on the COVID-19 control measures for Bangkok that are in place from today to 2 August 2021.

The closure order remains in place for

  • Entertainment businesses and venues; such as pubs, bars, karaoke, massage parlors, and bath venues.
  • Water parks and theme parks.
  • Children’s playgrounds and stations of all types.
  • Botanic gardens, museums, learning centers, historical sites, national parks, public libraries, art galleries, zoos, and similar venues.
  • Snooker and billiard venues.
  • Game stations, and games and Internet shops.
  • Fighting cock/bull/fish venues, horse racetracks, and racetracks of all types.
  • Children’s nurseries and elderly care facilities (except regular overnight care services).
  • Boxing stadiums, boxing gyms, and martial art gyms.
  • Banquet and similar venues.
  • Buddha amulet stalls and centers.
  • Preschool nurseries and kindergartens.
  • Beauty clinics, and tattoo and piercing services.
  • Fitness centers.
  • Healthcare venues, including spas and traditional Thai massage shops.
  • Ice-skating rinks, and bowling alleys or similar venues.
  • Dance and ballet schools.
  • Construction sites.

The following businesses and venues can open with conditions

  • Salons and barber shops – for haircutting and hair drying only.
  • Indoor sports centers, pools, and water sports facilities – for national team athletes.

Restrictions and closure of businesses and services

Restaurants and eateries are allowed to offer take-away services only up until 20.00 Hrs.

Department stores, shopping malls, and community malls are allowed to open until 20.00 Hrs., and only for supermarkets, pharmacies and medical supplies, and vaccination centers.

Hotels can open per normal hours but are not allowed to hold any meetings, seminars, or banquets.

Convenience stores and fresh markets are allowed to open up until 20.00 Hrs. All 24-hour convenience stores must close nightly between 20.00-04.00 Hrs.

Schools, and educational or training institutions should not use teaching facilities.

What remains open?

Hospitals, medical facilities, medical clinics, pharmacies, shops, factories, banking, and financial services, ATMs, telecommunication services, postage and parcel services, pet food shops, building materials, and construction supplies stores, shops selling miscellaneous necessary items, cooking gas stores, petrol stations, and online delivery services are allowed to open as necessary under strict disease control measures.

Restrictions on the movements of people

The night-time curfew remains unchanged between 21.00-04.00 Hrs. During the 7-hour period nightly, people are asked to remain at home and only to go out if necessary.

Outside of the night-time curfew, people are also asked to only go out if necessary, i.e., to shop for everyday items like food, medicine, and medical supplies, to visit the doctor, or to receive a vaccine. The relative authorities are asked to do whatever is necessary to distribute food and supplies to people to minimize hardship.

Public transport is allowed to operate at only 50% of the seating capacity and must apply social distancing measures. The relative authorities are to ensure there is enough transportation services, especially for people with vaccination appointments.

Restrictions on the gatherings of people

Public and private organizations, as well as people, are asked to avoid any activities prone to the spread of disease where the number of attendees exceeds 5 people. Public and private organizations are advised to hold training, seminars, and meetings online.

Work from home

Government agencies are asked to have their employees work from home 100%, except for those providing services in public health, disease control, utilities, traffic, disaster prevention, and mitigation, law and order, and those with specific operating times to advance appointments. All must be done under strict disease control measures.

Private companies are also encouraged to have their employees work from home 100%.

Self-protective measures and distancing efforts

As usual, people nationwide are asked to continue abiding by the health and safety measures in place; such as wearing a face mask at all times while outside of their residence, regularly washing hands with soap and water/cleaning alcohol, and avoiding unnecessary close contact with others.

TAT would like to remind all travelers to continue with the D-M-H-T-T-A precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19: – Distancing, – Mask wearing, – Handwashing, – Temperature check, – Testing for COVID-19, and A – alert application.

For regular updates on the tourism-related COVID-19 situation in Thailand, visit the TAT Newsroom via; Facebook (; and Twitter (Tatnews_Org).

For additional information and assistance relating to Thailand’s tourism, contact the TAT Contact Centre 1672 or Tourist Police 1155.

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