Stay home and stay safe with HungryNow food delivery in Pattaya and May deals


Due to Covid-19 rising in Chonburi and the district implementing multiple measures and restrictions, including a temporary ban on dine-in at restaurants, we know you are still hungry and still would like to have great food while staying safe at home.

Our friends at HungryNow recognize that as well and that a priority for people is to be safe, socially distance, and not potentially be exposed to the virus. HungryNow has had over a year’s experience in Pattaya specifically around delivery while practicing the best safety measures. They formed during the first round of infections last year and have only improved since then.

With hundreds of restaurants and more signing up all the time, especially as many restaurants move to a delivery focus due to Covid-19 restrictions, HungryNow is your best bet for safe, fast, easy delivery in Pattaya. Plus, delivery is free-yes, free-within 20 kilometers.

They even recently upgraded their application which you can find here and have great deals for the month of May. By the way, their promos and deals are for EVERYONE, not just certain customers or groups.

Here is a look at the May deals:

Further details:
Use Voucher Code HUNGRY40
**Min Purchase ฿350, Max Discount ฿140.
*Code can be used 3 times by each user
Use Voucher Code BREAKKY25
**Min Purchase ฿150, Max Discount ฿38
**Time Limit:  9 AM – 11 AM
*Code can be used 2 times by each user
Use Voucher Code LUNCH20
**Min Purchase ฿250, Max Discount ฿50
**Time Limit:  1 PM – 3 PM
*Code can be used 2 times by each user
Use Voucher Code DINNER80
**Min Purchase ฿500
*Time Limit:  6 PM – 8 PM
*Code can be used 1 time by each user
What are you waiting for? Order now with HungryNow. (Please remember that due to dark red zone restrictions currently, delivery is only until 9:00 P.M. in the Pattaya area.)
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