Drunk driver runs Covid-19 checkpoint in Pattaya, arrested after challenging police and staff to a fight

Soi Khao Mai Kaew, Pattaya, Banglamung, Chonburi-

A 33-year-old truck driver reportedly attempted to run through a Covid-19 checkpoint yesterday evening on Soi Khao Mai Kaew in the Pattaya area, causing a chaotic scene after the Banglamung Police force stopped his vehicle.

The incident occurred at about 5:30 P.M. yesterday at a standard Covid-19 checkpoint that was checking documents and providing temperature checks for people entering and leaving the area. Chonburi is currently a highly controlled zone and as a result, has regular checkpoints ensuring people have permission to enter and leave the area. Due to the status, one needs written permission to even drive into the province.

The suspect, Mr. Supachai Onbao, worked for a local soil delivery company and was bringing soil to a construction site. However, he attempted to run a checkpoint and nearly struck a volunteer worker according to Banglamung Police. Police managed to intercept and stop the vehicle, forcing Supachai out of the truck.

Supachai was, according to Banglamung Police, highly intoxicated and combative. He reportedly challenged police officers to a physical fight to prove if he was guilty or not. Police officers declined the offer and instead arrested the man, bringing him to the local police station for a blood-alcohol test.

Supachai reportedly tested at 200 milligrams of blood alcohol percentage, many times the legal limit, and was arrested for drunk driving and other charges relating to attempting to break through a checkpoint. His company was also informed about the incident.

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