Chonburi announces zero new confirmed cases of Covid-19 for second day in a row

Chonburi, Thailand-

The Chonburi Department of Public Health announced zero new confirmed cases of Covid-19 for the second day in a row this morning.

Dr. Wichai Thanasopon, the Deputy-Director of the Chonburi Department of Public Health, released the information in a social media statement online.

He noted that although staff was pleased with the results they felt it was too soon to truly feel confidence that there were no hidden asymptomatic cases in the community.

Dr. Wichai continued to encourage the public to wash their hands, wear masks, avoid gatherings and use the Thai track and trace platforms.

Wichai added that health officers were continuing to monitor the local community and performing targeted mass testing of high-risk communities daily. These groups include migrant workers who live in densely packed communities, people who went to bars and breweries where former clusters were in Si Racha, those who work closely with many people like factory workers and taxi drivers, and other high-risk groups.

Dr. Wichai mentioned they plan to/have tested 30,000 people in these groups and would continue to do so all this week to find any hidden asymptomatic cases of Covid-19.

Chonburi officials have not stated when or if they plan to ease restrictions and measures that have seen thousands of business owners and tens of thousands unemployed temporarily currently.

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