Chonburi holds major public health meeting, announces priorities, Covid-19 related measures to stay in place for now


The Chonburi Provincial Public Health Department and Communicable Disease Committee held a major meeting this afternoon to discuss the current status of the Covid-19 situation in Chonburi and the current status of regulations, measures, and restrictions in place around the Covid-19 coronavirus.

For our readers who are short on time, we will cut straight to the chase-other than the opening of a previously closed municipal office, all other regulations, closures, measures, and restrictions will, as of this moment, stand until further notice. On the bright side, no stricter measures were introduced as well.

This is not, however, a surprise as both the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) and the Chonburi Governor have said multiple times this week that they will review the situation with Covid-19 over the next two weeks and possibly (but not guaranteed) make some decisions on lifting, loosening or easing restrictions that have seen many businesses closed locally and domestic travel essentially ground to a halt around the end of this month.

Here is a brief recap from the office on what was stated:

1. Heavy focus over the next two weeks on proactive searching for potential Covid-19 cases in high-risk areas such as migrant camps, factories, and similar places. A large amount of targeted mass testing in these “high risk” places are scheduled. The Committee mentioned that over 80% of the Chonburi cases are completely asymptomatic.

2.  Heavy focus on places that are high risk and either currently ordered closed or never allowed to open such as illegal gambling. Officials will also continue to ensure venues ordered closed are not open to the public.

3.  Officials are continuing to put a lot of effort into locating people who visited venues on timelines and getting them to come forward. We publish timelines in English on a nearly daily basis. Officials stressed that people needed to be honest with them and they aren’t looking to charge anyone or get anyone in legal trouble, only to detect Covid-19.

4. Chao Phraya Surasak Montri Municipality building will re-open on January 18th, 2021.

5.  Officials have declined generous offers from several organizations to open more field hospitals as they feel the situation is under control with the hospitals they currently have.

6.  Officials stated they know how difficult and devastating the measures and restrictions are for nearly every business, especially due to the lack of travel being allowed currently and no domestic tourism. They stated they are working on relief measures for Chonburi residents and more details will be coming in the near future.

That concludes the details released from the meeting today.

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