Frequently asked questions about Banglamung/Pattaya highly controlled restrictions

Pattaya, Thailand
The following is a few questions we have had regarding the highly controlled status and restrictions in Banglamung. Here is what we know as of now. Keep in mind this is a very fluid situation and information may change in seconds but was correct as of press time. First, a link to our original announcement earlier this morning for reference:
1. Can I leave Banglamung and go to a non controlled district, area or province? A. Yes, but you are “discouraged” from doing so. There is no hard travel restrictions at this exact moment. We would suggest if going out of the province for a while taking proof you are a Chonburi resident JUST IN CASE restrictions and checkpoints return.
2. Do restaurants have to close at 10:00 PM? A. Restaurants are supposed to be take away only. Only 7-11’s, family marts, etc are supposed to close 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. It seems at this exact moment can stay open for take away as there is no curfew.
3. Is there a curfew? A. No. However nearly everything is closed overnight in Banglamung. You may leave if you wish, however.
4. Why are you not using the word lockdown? A. Because it isn’t one. It is a set of highly controlled measures and restrictions. A lockdown would entail domestic travel restrictions and a stay at home order/curfew. None of these are currently taking place in Banglamung.
5. Are Government offices open during this? A. Although most will close for normal New Year holidays, (check their schedules) essential offices will be open during the restrictions period.
6. Are beaches open? A. It would appear based on a drive around town at this exact second yes and they aren’t mentioned in the order. We expect this to possibly change, however.
7. Bar/restaurant/business owner A is still open and not following the rules! Can you write a report about them! A. No. You may call the city call center and report violations at 1337 or law enforcement/tourist police at 1155. We don’t get involved in personal disputes/investigative journalism.
8. What are the essentials that can be open? A. Things like (not a 100% list) supermarkets for food, drug stores, 7-11s, Big C (food, hardware, appliances, electronics only) mobile phone shops, construction depots, banks, essential government offices. Restaurants can be open for take away.
9. Is there an alcohol sale ban? A. No. Hours may be adjusted or change however.
10. Can I travel between the Darkside and Pattaya City? A. Yes.
11. Can my condo/hotel swimming pool/gym open? A. This depends on if your condo management/juristic office considers the pool and/or gym private or public. It is entirely up to your condo management and you will need to take the issue up with them.
12. Can I go for exercise and walk around the city? A. Yes. There is no stay at home order. Wear a mask however, its mandated right now. Public parks are ordered to be closed, however, the beach paths are as of press time open but may change.
13.  Do I have to wear a mask? A. Yes. A mandate for mask wearing falls under the provincial emergency decree. You can possibly be fined for not wearing one properly.
More coming as we get it, this is a developing story and we may add more to this list at any time without notice.
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