Reader Talkback results: What advice would you give to Pattaya tourism business owners when borders start to open wider?


The following is our weekly feature in which we ask our readers a news related question and highlight your answers and feedback at the end of each week. This is the results section of the question, about a week after we asked our readers what they thought on December 15th.

This week, we wanted to ask what advice you would give hospitality tourism business owners to “win back customers” as borders reopen and more people return to Pattaya, likely sometime next year? (Keeping in mind it may be some time yet.)

For those that still want to comment, You can comment below, on our social media or mail us at We look forward to your response and will publish them next weekend.

Here is what you told us:

Alfred W-The “normal” strategy for Business owners i(in Pattaya) – when Business is slow is – INCREASE Prices!!?? Why not CHANGE that (stupid) practice and actually REDUCE Prices, to attract new & more Customers. We all know that Businesses are hurting, but increasing prices will NOT attract new, or more Customers IMHO.

Laurence V-Clean toilets would be a start

Stephen S-Stop charging farangs one price for entry to an event, attraction or hotel and a much smaller one for Thais. Discriminatory and pisses tourists off. Be fair.
Increase levels of customer service and gain customer satisfaction, this will get better reviews and more repeat customers.

Fred M-If you’re unhappy with your location, now is the time to look for a better one, with occupancies high. You’ve seen what happens when no one visits Pattaya. When tourists return give them a reason to be repeat visitors and customers.

Robert U-Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversify your income stream, don’t focus on only 1 nationality of tourists. Accept them all and treat them fairly.

Ric U-No city needs 5 massage places, 5 restaurants, and 5 bars on the same block. Tear down your older buildings and turn them into parking lots that charge 30 baht per car to park and you will make more money in the long run. Motorcycle rentals should all be off-street also, Keep streets cleared for walking and more tourists will visit your shops

Tony H-Try and hang on and sell to Chinese or Indian for a decent price.only Buakhau area and soi 6 will thrive in a western sense you can see the writing on the wall,those areas are the only really good parts for westerners anyway

Pankaj-Most of the tourism industry will vanish by then the government needs to be more realistic and start opening borders for normal tourism otherwise a lot of local will die of poverty rather then the virus

Mick S-Throw all the webcam’s in the bin and concentrate on real people

Mike-The easiest is “Buy One ..Get One Free” type promos. Buy one meal get second meal half price. If your in the Go Go Business half price barfines weekdays, Friday, Saturday, Sunday normal price but definitely not more than 600 baht. Hotels can do weekend getaways buy one night, second night free. The recovery unfortunately is going to take years. Airlines won’t fly if not nearly full. People will put off long distance flights for at least another year. So your market is Southeast Asia.

Paul M-Don’t think the business owners will need to win back customers. I think the question is how many will still be there to welcome customers back. People will be coming back in the thousands once the daft quarantine is lifted

Wes W-Put the Phones down and Look Like You’re Wanting Customers?

Stephen G-Anywhere that didn’t allow farangs in height of the pandemic should be blacklisted to make sure all money is focused on less racist tourism attractions.

Ramon C-Stop cheating and ripping off tourists with scams, tourism was in serious decline long before covid, all self inflicted economic damage.


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