Leading Thai doctor warns that major scheduled weekend protests could ignite deadly second wave of Covid-19 in Thailand


A leading Thai doctor, Thira Woratanarat, who is well known for his regular warnings regarding Covid-19 on his social media channels, has warned that this weekend’s scheduled protests in Bangkok could ignite a deadly second wave of Covid-19 in Thailand.

He also stated on his social media accounts that this statement was in no way political but based on science.

Dr. Thira Woratanarat has given many warnings over Covid-19 recently, especially regarding the Thai Government’s plan to let in foreign tourists. He believes that any plan, no matter how conservative, could cause an outbreak of Covid-19 and that adding more hotels and resorts could raise the potential of violations and exceptions taking place.

He stated that the scheduled large amount of people, despite any statements of following social distancing and wearing masks and using hand sanitizers, was still a major risk.

He also said that possible asymptomatic cases could blend in with the crowd and cause an outbreak. Although Thailand has not reported locally spread cases in some time, the threat of migrant workers illegally crossing the border could cause more cases, doctors have warned.


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