All Ratchaburi Mitr Phol Football Club members test negative for Covid-19


All members, which include both players and staff for the Ratchaburi Mitr Phol Football Club, have tested negative for their second test for the Covid-19 Coronavirus following concerns after a foreign Buriram United player tested positive last week.

First, read more about the positive test of the Buriram United player, who is asymptomatic, below.

One football player from Buriram United tested positive for Covid-19, Ministry of Public Health confirms this evening

Thirteen days prior, the team had traveled to play a friendly game with Buriram United on August 30. Several team and staff members were close to the player from Buriram United, a 29 year old male from Uzbekistan, who tested positive for the virus at a later date.

Thanawat Nitikarnchana, the manager of the football club, said that although the team was relieved about their results they were still being careful until the end of their mandatory quarantine period.  Their prior game had been postponed but they are likely to be approved to play by the Thai Football League in the near future. Team members are still self isolating and conducting regular temperature checks and health checks on themselves.

Meanwhile, testing continues on high and low risk contacts to the player from Buriram United who tested positive.  So far, nobody else has tested positive and the Ministry of Public Health is still determining the origin of the case. The case is described as a “low risk” of spread and officials have asked the public not to panic.

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