Beach chair vendor finds and returns customer’s dropped gold necklace on Jomtien beach


A beach chair vendor on Jomtien Beach is being praised on Thai social media this weekend after finding and returning a gold necklace dropped by a customer this weekend.

The incident happened around 8:00 PM on Friday when the customer, Wuttichai Polsawat”, returned to where they had rented a beach chair on Jomtien Beach earlier in the day desperately looking for their gold necklace.

40 year old Miss Janjira Wanliparom was waiting for the customer at her booth area, despite having closed several hours before and packing up the chairs and umbrellas for the night.

Janjira said that the customer had taken off the necklace and placed in a pocket while lying down and the necklace fell onto the sand. The customer didn’t notice and Janjira found the necklace later in the night. Janjira decided to stay late in case the customer returned and they did.

The customer was very thankful and posted the story on several prominent Thai social media groups for Pattaya, earning praise from local residents.

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