Investigation of fugitive Red Bull heir conducted with dishonesty and conspiracy, says committee Chairman

Bangkok –

The re-investigation of the notorious hit-and-run case of Vorayuth”Boss” Yoovidhya exposed that legal procedures had proceeded with dishonesty and conspiracy, according to the Truth and Law Committee of the Office of Attorney-General (OAG).

The committee chairman Vicha Mahakun revealed at a government press conference today, September 1, that the case was misleading and illogical in many ways which indicated that the investigating process had been done negligently and unprofessionally.

Professor Vicha told the Associated Press: “Some charges were conducted on the deceased which was unfair and wrongful while some allegations such as drunk driving were not included in the case.”

The result of the re-investigation also disclosed that the first investigation suspiciously took about six months without following the prosecutors’ order to deliver the accused to the court. It then became a loophole that led to the failure of the court’s fairness hearings 13 times.

The team of prosecutors had already rejected the case revision long before the Deputy Attorney General successfully requested a fair consideration the 14th time. This eventually brought the prosecutor’s decision to dismiss the case in the end.

The committee strongly believed that the unfaithful procedure of the Red Bull heir investigation involves a group of relevant prosecutors, government officials and lawyers who agreed to help the influential person slip away by creating false evidence and delaying the interrogation.

Vicha urged the halt the arrest warrant’s statute of limitations of 15 years while the suspect was on the run. The prescriptive period should proceed after Vorayuth was detained by the authority.

He further stated: “The conspiracy among officials has tremendously ruined the truth behind the case and the national justice system – like a saying “poisonous trees produce poisonous fruits”. Even though we wanted to start a new investigation, some of the findings and charges have already been absent or expired due to a lack of defense.”

The statute of limitations should be on hold until we eventually caught the fugitive driver and start the honest interrogation otherwise he would successfully flee and return to the Kingdom with no wrongful actions when the arrest warrant expires.”

The Thai Prime Minister has heard the results of the committee as well as the Office of the Attorney General and will be proceeding forward after the findings.

Photo Courtesy: Thai News Agency and Naewna

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