Pattaya City fights back against dengue fever and chikungunya

Pattaya City is fighting back against mosquito carried illnesses but state the situation is not critical.

Pattaya continues to rollout an overall campaign to contain the spread of chikungunya and dengue fever, both of which are carried by mosquitoes and heavily impacted by a series of recent rains in the local area.

The Public Health and Environment Division of Pattaya went to the Rung Lang housing estate yesterday where they are warning the public in the Pattaya area to take protective measures.

The head of the division, Mr. Jetsadaphong Tanasamitivest told The Pattaya News “These two fevers have been rapidly spread in many areas and the Pattaya area has seen an increasing number of cases.”

“The Chikungunya and dengue fever situation in Pattaya since the beginning of this year until now is not yet in a critical situation but we must keep our guard up.”

“No deaths have been reported but the number of patients has been increased significantly.”

“After the Covid-19 lockdown has been relieved, more people are coming to Pattaya. We want local residents to use mosquito spray, empty out flower pots and other items that can be a mosquito breeding ground and use mosquito nets for their homes.” Jetsadaphong finished.

Pattaya City has been regularly spraying the local area to limit the number of mosquitos.

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