Naked foreigner arrested in Chiang Mai after reportedly causing a public disturbance

Chiang Mai-

  Police officers of Muang Chiang Mai Police Station were alerted when a naked Bangladeshi woman, 28, was seen yelling aggressively while sitting inappropriately at the balcony of holy Chao Pho Pratu Chiang Mai Shrine in Chiang Mai last Sunday, August 9.

  According to a local resident, she was also trying to jump off Nakhon Ping Bridge and stole a national flag hanging on the bridge to dress herself up before starting to walk around the city and then stop at the shrine.

 Her behavior had caused public fear and anger as Chao Pho Pratu Chiang Mai Shrine was highly respected by locals and tourists.

  Police officers then brought the foreigner, whose name was withheld, to a local police station for questioning. They decided to transfer her to Suan Prung Hospital as she had reportedly shown a sign of mental illness and started to speak in gibberish.

  Police Colonel Kritsana Pattanacharoen, deputy police spokesman, told the Associated Press that the woman was now in the treatment of Suan Prung Hospital.

  Kritsana said: “The initial investigation revealed that this woman has entered Thailand since April 2019 with a work visa. She was previously a teacher at a private school.

“She had to be well-treated before we could continue questioning. Meanwhile, the police will inform the Bangladesh Embassy and related departments about the case for further proceedings.” Kritsana concluded.

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