Hundreds of Grab taxi drivers protest in front of Grab headquarters in Bangkok


  More than five hundred Grab Bike drivers gathered in front of Thanaphum Tower, where Grab Thailand headquarters is located, in Bangkok at 10:00 AM yesterday to protest over  alleged unjust and neglectful care.

  According to the protesters, the employees have faced unfair and careless treatment while they are working under the Grab company and they wanted the company to act on the issues as soon as possible.

  Several issues were being raised by the protesters, including allegedly forcing the employees to purchase the company’s jackets and storage bags as well as being unable to choose to accept or decline jobs by themselves.

  The protesters also claimed that the company was neglecting the life of its employees since it does not provide insurance coverage and welfare in case the drivers were involved in an accident.

Grab drivers protesting in Pattaya recently before Monday’s protests

 Grab Bike driver Pornthep Chatchawanamornkul told the reporters that all the protesters want the company to act on the alleged ongoing problems otherwise they would return to pressure the company again.

  An hour later, the Grab Thailand director had reportedly received a formal letter of complaint and promised Grab Bike partners to solve the problems within 7-10 days.

As of today, Grab Thailand says they are working with the drivers to address their concerns, specifically concerns with zoning.

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