18 wheeler trailer truck overturns on two cars in Si Racha, driver claims brake failure – VIDEO

PHOTO: Peo Yieng Tai Si Racha Rescue (Bypass 3)

Si Racha-

An 18 wheeler truck overturned on two cars yesterday evening in Nong Kham in which four people miraculously survived. Traffic was backed up many kilometres during the accident.

The accident took place at 5:30 PM at an intersection on Motor way 7 in the Surasak sub-district. We originally posted pictures from the accident on our social media feeds late last night.

Police and emergency response teams arrived at the scene of the accident to find an overturned trailer truck lying on two cars.

Three people had sustained moderate injuries inside one sedan who were named as Mr. Nadet Worakamondet, age not given, and two young boys aged nine and eleven, names withheld. Rescue workers freed them from the trapped vehicle before transferring them to a local hospital.

Another pickup truck found under the trailer, whose driver was named as Pranom Yuenyong, 43, had already escaped from his pickup truck when rescue teams arrived and was uninjured. He declined visiting a hospital for a checkup. He claimed his religious amulet, which can be seen in the video below, helped protect him and save his life.

The trailer truck driver, 67 year old Winai Mongkonkitdramrong, who had sustained minor injuries, was waiting for police at the scene. He told police that he was travelling from Samut Prakan to Si Racha.

He claimed he was not driving fast but that his vehicle suffered alleged brake failure. He tried to avoid colliding with other vehicles at a red light but stated he was unable to despite his alleged best efforts.

Si Racha police are continuing their investigation and will review CCTV at the intersection as well as inspect the truck for the alleged brake issue.

PHOTO: Peo Yieng Tai Si Racha Rescue (Bypass 3)

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