Chonburi police raid illegal motorbike modification warehouse

Chonburi Police, engaged in an ongoing crackdown on illegally modified motorbikes and racing, raided a warehouse in Mueang Chonburi this week that they state is a root cause of the problem.

Earlier this week, a team of police led by Deputy Commander of the Royal Thai Police Lieutenant General Damrongsak Kittiprapat and the Region Two Police Commander Lieutenant General Montri Yimyam, raided a warehouse in the Bang Sai sub-district. This warehouse is accused of producing the illegal parts that are then supplied to shops to supply to street racers.

The warehouse caretakers, 34 year old Mr. Banjong Phonchalee and 38 year old Ms. Phonthip Jaiprom, who claimed that she is a daughter of a warehouse owner, were present.

The pair were unable to present the Industrial Product Standards Certification and other required licensing tools which are required for their field.

Police seized 35 illegally modified exhaust pipes and 12 machines used to create the pipes as well as other various tools allegedly used in creating gear for illegally modified motorbikes. In total, 883 items which are valued at about 500,000 baht were seized.

The two caretakers were detained facing further legal action. Police stated they are conducting an ongoing search for the owners of the factory.

The raid is part of an ongoing national crackdown on illegal motorbike racing. The authorities have shifted their focus to the factories where the gear is manufactured after previously focusing on illegal racers and the shops that sold and customized the gear.

SOURCE: Puean Khao Rao Rak Kan Chonburi, story by The Pattaya News


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