Pattaya entertainment venue operators meet with Pattaya Police to ask to extend closing times past Midnight

Pattaya entertainment operators met with prominent police officials yesterday at the Pattaya Police Station to ask to extend entertainment venue closing times in the city past midnight.

The meeting held yesterday at the Pattaya City Police Station was led by the Pattaya City Police Chief Colonel Kemmarain Pitsamai and a member from the Pattaya City Police committee Ms. Amphon Kaewsang. This follows entertainment venue operators at a national level also pleading with the government to allow them to stay open later in an already hard-hit industry that faced a four month closure recently due to Covid19.

Ms. Amphon said entertainment operators are hoping to extend the closing time from midnight for a variety of reasons. She stated that Pattaya, as a special administrative zone with special entertainment licenses, historically is open late and that many business owners, especially nightclubs, have been asking for the closing times to be extended by at least two hours to 2:00 AM. The current midnight closure was mandated by the Thai Government due to the Covid19 Coronavirus situation.

Colonel Kemmarin said the COVID-19 situation is getting better. However Pattaya needs to follow the national measurements at this time, despite the special administrative zone status. This is due to the emergency decree and government direction on nightlife related venues, he said.

Colonel Khemmarin said he is well aware entertainment venue owners wanted to be open later and that they were losing potential revenue by closing earlier than usual. He said he sympathizes with the industry, which is a majority of business in Pattaya, and their recent four month closure.

However, until Pattaya City gets more direction from the government on easing the rules or the emergency decree ends allowing the city to self govern as a special administrative zone the midnight closure time will stay, Col. Khemmarin concluded.

He also warned venues that were “pushing the buttons” on staying open past midnight that this would not be tolerated and police would strictly uphold the closure time of midnight at this time.

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