German expat and friends help support dozens of stray animals in Pattaya but needs your support


A German expat and his friends who helps take care of dozens of street cats and dogs in Pattaya, many who have disabilities and are injured, has asked for community support to provide food and medicine for stray cats and dogs in need in the greater Chonburi area.

The German man, 36 year old Mr. Adrian Joseph Giurgiu, lives with his Thai friend, 37 year old Pawida Wongsasonthi, at a house in Soi Khao Talo 10 where they help needy and stray animals in the Pattaya area together.

Mr. Adrian told The Pattaya News that he loves Thailand and loves animals. He moved to Pattaya when he was 24 years old and has lived here since. He has known Pawida for more than 10 years through their shared support of taking care of animals in need in Pattaya.

When he first moved to Pattaya he saw that some street cats and dogs in the local area were injured and lacking support or proper care.

He had started to take the animals in and take care of them. In total there were about 70 street cats and dogs in the area he directly began to assist with several dozen more outside of his area. In total, he and Pawida state they have assisted over one hundred animals in Pattaya in need.

Mr. Andrea said if anyone wants to donate food for cats and dogs they can come to his home directly or contact 081-6871689 or can check on their Facebook page below.

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