Local residents complain after drivers park on wheelchair paths and areas in Pattaya

Local residents have complained to the Pattaya Press Association after several drivers are reportedly parking their cars and motorbikes on wheelchair paths and areas in Pattaya.

The wheelchair route in Soi Panead Chang starts from Pattaya Klang Road to North Pattaya Road which is 1.7 kilometres long and 80 metres wide.

The project is aimed to support an overall Pattaya City plan to support a ‘Universal Design and assistance’ for disabled people. The route is next to several prominent blind and disabled associations and schools for local residents.

Yesterday, multiple cars and motorbikes were found by Pattaya News reporters parking on the wheelchair restricted areas. People who use wheelchairs were seen having to go on the side of the road, which is dangerous.

Pattaya City Authorities have stated to the press they have resolved this issue in multiple occasions and would step up patrols in the area.

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