Thai Ministry of Public Health says 98.44 percent of Covid-19 cases recently in Thailand were imported from overseas


The Thai Ministry of Public Health made an announcement on their social media accounts this afternoon regarding recent statistics around Covid19 in Thailand.

The statement, in full, is below:

“From the reports of confirmed cases in the previous two weeks, among 64 confirmed cases, the majority (63 cases or 98.44% of the confirmed cases) were people who returned from abroad and were being observed under state quarantine supported by the government. Only one confirmed case was infected in Thailand.

The information from the Department of Disease Control from February to 6 June 2020, showed that 32,855 Thai citizens were observed under the state/ local quarantines. Most of the confirmed cases during this period have shown no signs of symptoms.

One of the reasons for this is that many returnees are students and working-age people. This shows that even those who are young and who do not show symptoms of COVID-19, might be infected. (The Pattaya News notes that many are also migrant workers living in close quarters)

However, Thai people from abroad are continually returning to Thailand with closely-monitored numbers to ensure efficient management in state quarantine and supervision by medical personnel.”

The Ministry of Public Health also stated today that they were adding an additional 9000 quarantine rooms in the near future to help sustain the expected large number of additional Thai returnees still due to return to the country.

As for foreigners, the country has stated that they will slowly allow in foreigners with work permits but as of now all international inbound travel to the country is still banned until at least July first. Foreigners with work permits will also need to complete a two week quarantine but must pay for it at their own expense. Other visa classes of foreigners remain banned as of press time.

Adam Judd
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