Transgender suspect arrested for allegedly stealing from disabled Russian man in Pattaya


A transgender suspect and a male accomplice have been arrested last night after allegedly stealing from a disabled Russian man’s room in Pattaya where Pattaya police also reportedly discovered illegal drugs.

Major Chainarong Jitsoonthorn of the Pattaya Police told The Pattaya News that they have arrested 35 year old Thai National Woraphon ‘Lek’ Jantarakun who is a transgender and 29 year old Thai National Yutthana ‘Preaw’ Chongwarin, who is reportedly an accomplice in the suspected crime.

Mr. Borozdin (last name withheld), 29, a Russian national who is disabled and uses a wheelchair, has reported to the Pattaya City Police that on Wednesday the suspect, Lek, stole 10,000 baht in cash and a bottle of perfume from his room at a condominium in Soi Wat Boonkanjanaram.

Police checked CCTV footage and found that Mr. Borozdin had left his room door opened by accident when going out to run errands. ‘Lek’ noticed the mistake while passing by in the hallway and went into his room. It is unclear what Lek was doing in the building at the time. Police managed to trace the suspect through additional CCTV footage outside of the condominium.

Police have arrested ‘Lek’ at a room in Jomtien where Lek lived with ‘Preaw’. Police also found 10 individual methamphetamine pills. Both suspects are facing further legal action and multiple charges.

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