Hopeful signs on potential openings of Chonburi beaches in June


The Mayor of Saen Suk, which contains the popular Bangsaen beach, made a post on his Facebook this week stating that the beach “may” open to the public as early as Monday, June first.

The photo posted by the Saensuk Mayor stating the Bangsaen beach would likely open soon

The beaches have been closed in Chonburi province at the order of the Governor for approaching two months to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus and prevent gatherings locally on the beach.

We have covered the closings of the beaches locally multiple times and one of the most persistent comments in our social media channels have been complaints over the beach closure, stating that with the number of cases in Chonburi the closure doesn’t make sense.

Chonburi, as of today, has gone over 30 days without a single case of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. Pattaya City is over 40 days.

City and provincial leaders, however, have stated numerous times the closure of the beach is not based on the number of cases in the area but rather on the concern open beaches would encourage provincial travel from nearby landlocked provinces and Bangkok, possibly spreading the virus.

However, as beaches in other regions, such as Hua Hin, have opened demand on social media for the opening of local beaches from both expats and Thai residents have grown significantly.

The Pattaya News notes that even if the Bangsaen beach opens it is not a guarantee that beaches in Pattaya would also open and is based on the decision of Pattaya City Hall and the Pattaya Mayor. When the issue was last brought up to city leaders last week there was still significant concern that people would not socially distance, loiter, gather, drink alcohol and hang out on the beach for hours. With all entertainment venues and bars closed and restaurants unable to sell alcohol and under strict rules for social distancing, city hall feels opening the beach would cause large groups to socialize and hang out.

Adam Judd
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