Chonburi reaches thirty days without a single new confirmed case of Covid-19


The Province of Chonburi reached the milestone of thirty consecutive days without a single new confirmed case of the Covid-19 Coronavirus this morning according to the Chonburi Communicable Disease Committee.

Pattaya City Mayor Sonthaya Khunpluem, pictured May 2020

Pattaya, which is part of the province, has reached forty days without a single new confirmed recorded case.

In addition, not a single locally spread patient remains under treatment in the province for the Coronavirus.

It is, however, worth noting there is a State Quarantine center for Thai Nationals returning from overseas in the province which has several patients. These individuals arrived directly from overseas to the hospital and were never a part of the general population and do not pose a health risk to the general public according to the Chonburi Government.

Chonburi has had a total of 87 cases since the start of the outbreak, with two deaths. The two deaths were both foreign Nationals who were considered imported cases and had recently traveled from other provinces or countries.

Despite the case number, however, tens of thousands of businesses remain closed, leaving thousands of local residents out of work and continuing to visit food lines on a daily basis in Pattaya City. This is because the government has instituted a “one size fits all” reopening plan for businesses, regardless of the number of active cases of Covid-19.

Pattaya is famous worldwide for its nightlife and tourist industry and attracts millions of visitors a year under normal circumstances. With the vast majority of its businesses in the hospitality and entertainment sector, these remain closed by Thai Government order.

The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration has stated that entertainment venues will likely be allowed to open, but with strict new rules, sometime in June.

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