Chonburi province has no new confirmed cases of Covid-19 for sixteen days


The Chonburi Public Relations Department released a graph this morning stating that the province has now had no new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in sixteen days in the province.

Pattaya City has had no new cases in 26 days. If the current trend continues, Pattaya will reach two entire incubation cycles of the virus on Tuesday without a single new recorded case in the area.

Additionally, of the 87 prior confirmed cases in the Chonburi area no patients remain under treatment with 85 of the patients fully recovered. Chonburi had two deaths, both foreigners with imported cases who had recently traveled.

Chonburi added a small addendum today for the first time, listing patients in the province in state mandated quarantine. These are NOT cases from or exposed to the Pattaya area, but Thai Nationals repatriated from overseas who went sent immediately to state quarantine at controlled medical facilities with zero exposure to the general public in the Chonburi province. There are currently six people in state quarantine in the province.

Despite zero cases and zero patients, the province remains under heavy restrictions such as beach closures, curfew and the majority of businesses force closed under the order of the Chonburi Governor and the Emergency Decree to control the Covid-19 Coronavirus. This is primarily due to the situation being controlled at a national level. In the cases of beaches, authorities say they are closed to discourage domestic travel from other provinces and areas such as Bangkok that have not been clear of the Covid-19 Coronavirus for at least fourteen days.

Attractions like nightlife and beaches are expected to remain closed until the National Government is confident the situation is resolved in the majority of the country to avoid the temptation of people traveling from a closed province to an open one.

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