Thai government holding discussions around loosening Covid19 restrictions earlier than mid month, especially shopping malls


Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Kreangam spoke at the Covid19 Coronavirus Situation Administration today in Bangkok and confirmed to the press rumors that the Prime Minister was considering easing some Covid19 restrictions early.

Meetings are reportedly taking place this afternoon between the CCSA and other members of the government as the Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-O-Cha, gathers medical advice from the CCSA and from other advisors on the possibility of loosening further restrictions earlier than mid month.

The further loosening would be based on significantly reduced numbers of Covid-19 infections and the situation seemingly coming under control nearly nationwide.

It is important to note that these are just discussions, Wissanu said, and no guarantees that anything would be lifted earlier.

It is expected that more information will be released after today’s meetings.

Large parts of the Kingdom of Thailand have had zero cases for over a month. Nine provinces have never had a case of Covid-19. Regardless, they all remain under the same closure plan which leaves millions out of work across the country.

In specific reference to shopping malls and department stores allowing the reopenings with rules and regulations would immediately put back to work tens of thousands across the country.

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