The Night Wish Group continues to support local residents in need in Pattaya, all are welcome to assist


The Night Wish Group has, for the past thirteen days, been giving 1,000  meals a day at 1:00PM at the Nature Bar, located on Soi 6 in Pattaya , to the needy and unemployed in Pattaya.

Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis the vast majority of businesses in Pattaya were closed to help prevent any potential spread of the virus.  Pattaya revolves around tourism and entertainment and is world famous for both of those areas and its nightlife industry. However, all such venues have been closed since March 18, 2020, putting tens of thousands out of work locally and millions nationwide. It is estimated that currently as much as eighty percent of the businesses in Pattaya are force closed under restrictions to control the virus.

Thailand has made significant progress in fighting the virus and as of today only seven new cases were found nationwide, four of them were imported cases. However, the Thai Government is being cautious and has not allowed most businesses to re-open at this time, leaving many people still in need and looking for daily meals. It is likely to be several weeks yet until most businesses are given permission to re-open their doors, despite the low number of cases.

The Night Wish Group will be continuing to give these meals as long as they can, 1000 a day with water, but welcome all the help they can get to do so and support the local community.

Donations are welcome of bottled water (Especially), dry rice, dry goods. They can be brought directly to Nature Bar on Soi 6 each morning when the staff is fresh preparing the daily meals and you can watch the process taking place at Nature Bar.  The Night Wish Group welcomes anyone to come and watch the process or join each day’s meal handout which is at 1:00 PM daily. The food prep work begins as early as 8:00 AM daily.

You can also send them a message and donate directly to their page:

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