Fifteen people arrested in Chonburi for having a private party, gambling and playing snooker during National Thai curfew


Fifteen curfew breakers have been arrested in Chonburi earlier this week for drinking, gambling, and playing snooker during the National Thailand Curfew according to Mueang Chonburi Police.

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The Mueang Chonburi Police Chief Suriya Yoopate told The Pattaya News that they have arrested 13 men and 2 women at a car wash in Soi Nong Kangkok in Baan Suan on April 15 just after Midnight.

Chonburi Police speaking with the Pattaya News, Police Chief Suriya Yoopate

They were discovered drinking alcohol, gambling and playing snooker according to Chief Suriya Yoopate. The raid came after a call to the police from a concerned citizen earlier in the evening.

They have been charged with illegal gambling, having a gathering against the Thai emergency decree and breaking curfew. Under the current Emergency Decree in effect in Thailand to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, gatherings of any number are deemed against the law and socializing while drinking alcohol is considered to be against the decree.

Penalities of the violation of the emergency decree range from up to 2 years in jail to fines up to 100,000 baht.

Additionally, the owner of the snooker table is facing charges of illegally operating a snooker table during the emergency decree period. Snooker halls, pool halls, bowling, darts, etc have all been banned as they are activities that do not encourage social distancing according to the Thai Government.

Chief Suriya Yoopate told The Pattaya News that the violators will receive harsh penalties to discourage anyone else from violating the curfew and possibly spreading the Covid-19 Coronavirus. During the curfew period citizens are asked to stay at home and not attend parties or gatherings. A small amount of people have exceptions to being out during the curfew, such as law enforcement, delivery drivers and medical staff.

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