Local residents ask Pattaya City to not forget about stray animals in Pattaya during Covid19 crisis-Video


Several local reporters, including with The Pattaya News, toured a public park area near “Buddha Hill” this afternoon in Pattaya after calls came from local residents concerned about the large population of dogs in the area struggling due to the parks closure.

A video our team took today:


The park, which was closed along with all parks by the order of the Governor of Chonburi to promote social distancing and discourage gatherings, has long been a home for many stray animals who depend primarily on locals for food and water.

Although some residents are still helping the animals, calls for Pattaya City to assist have been increasing, including with the large number of stray dogs living on the beach and other areas.

With a near total lack of tourists and other people in these areas due to Covid19, concern has risen for the animals as their supply of food has gone down without a large number of people assisting.

It is hoped that Pattaya City will recognize the issue and also assist with the problem by providing extra food for the animals as they are with the many people affected by the Covid19 crisis.

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