A in depth photo and video tour of Pattaya and Walking Street with the lights off as entertainment venues-and now the beach at night-remain closed due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus


Pattaya has a reputation worldwide as one of the planet’s biggest party cities with a vibrant nightlife and one of the largest adult entertainment, bar and red light districts in the entire world.

However, thanks to the Covid-19 coronavirus, the lights on the thousands of bars, strip clubs, nightclubs, beach clubs and more are off and have been for over a week.

Additionally, a recent request from the Chonburi Governor to stop people from gathering on the beach between 8:00PM and 6:00AM have seen hundreds of people pushed off the beach and nearby walkway who were using the area as a gathering spot with all the clubs and bars closed, violating the government’s request for people to socially distance to stop the spread of the virus.

Officially, the order to close the venues in Pattaya is for one more week, but the majority believe this will be extended once again as the situation in Thailand overall has been getting worse rather than improving since the announcement of the closure of all entertainment venues on March 18th.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people remain out of work as the government begins to work on financial support and the city has cleared out of tourists, which normally bring roughly 80% of the yearly revenue to the area, as most have gone home.

What is left is a very quiet city, even compared to religious holidays which still sees large groups of tourists and local residents walking around.Here are pictures and videos we took last evening.




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