Ministry of Public Health provides update on Thailand situation with Covid19


The following is an update from the Ministry of Public Health on the current situation with the Covid19 Coronavirus in Thailand. This report is written by them with only slight spelling and grammar edits made by The Pattaya News.

1) Thailand situational update regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation:
The total number of COVID-19 cases detected in Thailand is 827. (106 additional cases this morning)

The details are as follows:

  • 766 confirmed cases
  • 57 cases have recovered and have been sent home
  • 4 death cases (3 additional deaths reported today, all individuals with pre existing conditions)
    The MOPH requested all people who return to their hometowns to present themselves to the disease control officer and strictly follow the MOPH instructions including self-quarantines while being self isolated for 14 days, monitoring their symptoms and putting space between others for 1-2 meters.
    The COVID-19 cases in Thailand is gradually increasing from many factors, including:
  • Thailand has used 1 universal laboratory result after increasing the proficiency for all laboratories in Thailand, increasing the amount of tests and reducing the length of testing time.
  • People who attended the boxing stadium cluster event which is believed to have had a super spreader are returning to their hometowns.
    Most cases were found in the age range of 30-39 years-old because of continuing social activities and are not self-quarantining at home.
    2) The Measures for international travelers entering Thailand have an updated version 3 (24 March 2020 at 9.00 AM). See below.
    3) DDC applied the list of countries with Local Transmission reported by WHO as the Ongoing Local Transmission countries and requested the people from this list to implement self – monitoring and comply with MoPH measures.

** The list of 29 countries with Ongoing Local transmission will be used only for surveillance purposes as determined by MOPH**

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