Complete list of non essential business closures in Bangkok effective tomorrow for roughly three weeks

BANGKOK (NNT) – Bangkok Governor Pol Gen Assawin Kwanmuang announced a partial shutdown of more places in Bangkok, from March 22nd to April 12th, to curb the spread of COVID-19. It is important to note this is not a lockdown or shutdown and people are free to move around but are encouraged to socially distance and wear masks.

The order is only for Bangkok. Other provinces it is up to the provincial Governor.

Supermarkets and food venues as well as food stalls etc may stay open. The government is heavily stressing there is no and will be no closure of food venues and no need to panic buy as supply and manufacturing capabilities and lines in Thailand are plentiful. Restaurants and delivery services are open with takeout only.

On the list:

1. Restaurants (allowed to offer take-out and delivery only)

2. Shopping malls (allowed to open only their supermarkets, drugstores and stores selling essential items, restaurants for take-out and delivery)

3. Dining zones in convenience stores

4. Markets (allowed to open only stalls selling fresh ingredients, dried food, take-away food, animal feed, medicines and other essential items)

5. Salons and barbers

6. Body piercing and tattoo shops

7. Venues for skating, rollerblading and similar activities

8. Amusement parks, bowling alleys, arcades

9. Gaming and internet cafes

10. Golf courses and driving ranges

11. Swimming pools

12. Cockfighting rings

13. Amulet markets

14. Exhibition and conference centers

15. Schools, colleges, universities, childcare and tutoring centers

16. Beauty clinics

17. Spas

18. Pet grooming shops and pet hotels

19. Massage parlors

20. Saunas

21. Cinemas and theaters

22. Gyms

23. Entertainment spots (pubs, bars, nightclubs, etc.)

24. Boxing arenas and schools

25. Sport arenas and stadia

26. Racecourses

Those failing to comply could face a fine of up to 100,000 baht or 1-year in prison, or both.

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