Man allegedly stabs his wife and her sister to death in Chonburi and flees police, second domestic murder in area in one day

Chonburi –
Police are hunting for a suspect who allegedly stabbed his wife and wife’s sister to death in the Panthong District yesterday.

The Panthong Police was notified of the incident at 6:30PM yesterday at a shrimp fishing pond on Panthong – Baankhao Road.

Police arrived at the pond and adjacent home to find it was locked. They broke the bedroom door to find two bodies which were identified as 53 year old Mrs. Duangkamon Jampa who is the wife of the prime suspect.

Another body was a woman named to the press only as ‘Kung’. Multiple stab wounds were found on their bodies. She was later positively identified as the sister of Mrs. Jampa.

Police believed that they died at least two days before their bodies were found.

Ms. Supicha Tankim, 21, who is the prime suspects daughter told police her father, 52 year old Sing Tankim, had operated the shrimp fishing pond with her step mother, Mrs Duangkamon.

She told the press that for the last two days she could not contact her father over the phone. She came to the shop to find the door was locked and a foul smell. She called police for assistance.

Her father had also left a good bye letter to his daughter in the room. Police are hunting for the suspect. This is the second domestic murder in one day in Chonburi.

SOURCE: 77 Kaoded, story by The Pattaya News

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