Three Taxi Motorbike drivers attack GRAB bike driver in Bangkok-Video

Bangkok –
Three local motorbike drivers have been fined after attacking a GRAB bike driver with a passenger in the Klontan district of Bangkok.

The GRAB bike driver reported to the Klong Tan Police that at 8:30AM this morning, he was picking up a customer at a condominium in Phra Khanong.

A local taxi motorbike driver in front of the condo allegedly stopped the GRAB bike driver and said he was not allowed to pick up customers here and that this location was their territory. They allegedly asked the GRAB driver to leave and both the passenger and driver refused.

Both parties were verbally arguing for several minutes before a physical confrontation broke out. Another two local taxi motorbike drivers from the same stand in front of the condo joined in the assault on the GRAB driver.

The passenger of the GRAB driver recorded the entire incident on her cell phone and immediately posted it on social media groups where it quickly went viral attracting thousands of views and shares in only a few hours. She also tagged GRAB corporate in the video and asked them what they were doing to protect their drivers and customers.

The three local taxi motorbike drivers in total have been charged with causing bodily harm that has led to injury.

They have been fined 1,000 baht each. They have also paid 3,000 baht to the Grab bike driver and allegedly apologized for the incident.

Se the link of the video below. Video and pictures from FB user Amittaaphongsawat.

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