Pattaya City Police remind local residents and tourists of proper steps to take if you see public indecent acts in Pattaya


Pattaya City Police reminded local residents and tourists on their Thai social media channels yesterday of the proper steps to take if one spots public indecency or obscene acts in Pattaya.

This is in reference to an incident we and many other media companies reported on in which two Russian tourists were caught on video performing indecent acts in public during the New Year’s Celebrations on Pattaya Beach.

That article is here:

The Pattaya Police, in a joint statement with the tourist police, stated the following:

1. Call the police immediately. Do not wait to contact the police this may delay arrest.

2. If you videotape the incident it must only be given to the police and law enforcement officials. Releasing video to the public domain could delay arrest as well as hurt the image of Pattaya.

3. Police also warned that releasing public video of crimes without contacting the police could violate the countries very strict computer crimes acts.

Police were able to catch the suspects in the most recent case due to CCTV such as the original cover photo posted which led officers to the hotel of the suspects.

The Russian suspects in the most recent case face substantial further charges according to police officials that spoke to the Pattaya News.

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