Two Chinese men survive hot air balloon crash in Sri Racha

Two Chinese men survived after their air balloon plummeted from the sky in Sri Racha

PHOTOS: Peao Yiang Tai Sri Racha

Sri Racha –
Two Chinese men have survived in what is being described as a miracle after their hot air balloon suffered an emergency failure and plummeted to the ground from hundreds of feet in the air this morning in Sri Racha.

Rescue workers from Peao Yiang Tao Sri Racha were notified of the accident at 11:00 AM today at a fruit plantation in Surasak sub-district.

The hot air balloon after the crash in Sri Racha, December 27, 2019.

They arrived at the scene to find the hot air balloon on the ground, having run into several trees as well.

Two Chinese men were found on the ground nearby. Miracously, neither were injured but were in a state of panic and had to be calmed down by medical personnel.

A tree knocked down by the falling hot air balloon.

A staffer of the air balloon operator said four Chinese nationals got on the balloon from Nong Kho, a small aircraft field three kilometres from the scene.

Two of the Chinese men were skydivers, the staffer said. They had jumped from the balloon before it fell down.

Remains of the hot air balloon after the crash.

There was a strong wind shortly after the two men had jumped which caused the balloon to lose control before hitting the ground. The two Chinese men who survived the fall were very lucky according to staff from the airfield. They stated that at least one of the men had significant experience in operating hot air balloons.

None of the men were named by the airfield staff.

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