Thai medical professionals warn against improper use of medical Marijuana, insist must be under supervision of doctor

BANGKOK (NNT) – Despite the legalization of medical cannabis in Thailand, all cannabis use must remain under the supervision of trained doctors and experts. There have been misunderstandings over cannabis treatment for many diseases, requiring clarification from the medical sector.

Doctors from many associations have been elaborating on correct medical cannabis use, out of concerns about widespread misunderstanding among the general public, such as the false belief that cannabis can cure psoriasis and other diseases.

A representative from the Dermatological Society of Thailand said there is no academic record of any cure of skin diseases by cannabis, as well as no supporting information on cannabis as an ingredient in cosmetics.

On claims of cannabis effectiveness in treating end-stage cancer patients, the Thai Society of Clinical Oncology President Ekaphop Sirachainan said cannabis extract is shown to help arrest the spread and growth of cancer cells in lab tests on animals, however there is no concrete data on applications in humans.

He said cannabis medicine is administered as a palliative treatment to patients after the doctor has reached a conclusion that conventional medicine is no longer effective. He asked the general public not to self prescribe cannabis products as improper use may worsen their condition.

A Thai AIDS Society board member, Opass Putcharoen, has confirmed the current course of treatment for HIV positive patients with antiviral drugs is highly effective, however some patients, who use cannabis products unsupervised, may see a decrease in antiviral drug effectiveness.

Source: National News Bureau of Thailand

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