One dead two injured as truck carrying jet-skis collides with ten wheel truck in Sri Racha

PHOTOS: Peao Yieang Tai Sri Racha Rescue (Bypass 3)

Sri Racha –
One person has died while two people have sustained serious injuries after a truck which was carrying jet-skis has slammed into a ten wheelers truck in Sri Racha early this morning.

Peao Yieang Tai Sri Racha Rescue workers were notified of the accident at 4:59AM on Motorway Road in Nongkham.

They arrived at the scene to find the damaged truck which was carrying jet-skis.

Two injured people were found inside the jet ski truck. Another passenger of the truck was found on the road deceased and had been horrifically injured from the accident.

The driver of the ten wheeler, who was not injured, told police that the jet ski truck which was driving with alleged high speed had slammed into the back of his ten wheeler truck.

Police are continuing their investigation for further legal action.

Text by The Pattaya News

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