More details emerge in case of American Tourist chased by angry mob after restaurant dispute in Phuket


We posted yesterday about an American tourist, who only has been publically named as Mr. Connelly, a 44 year old American on vacation, who was chased by an angry mob in the streets of Phuket on December 2nd.

The video is here:

Officially, Phuket Police have declined to comment on the story stating that both primary parties involved were fined 500 baht for assault and were arrested after the incident. They stated the matter is closed.

Witnesses however reported to Khaosod News and other media that the situation was at a seafood restaurant where Mr. Connelly wanted a custom order that was not a regular menu item. The Burmese waiter, who was the other primary party involved, told the American tourist the item wasn’t available.

A language barrier and frustration set in and according to witnesses the American tourist became rude and abrasive. Multiple parties said the American attacked the waiter first after refusal to get a manager and take his order and after he was asked to leave.

At this point, the American who was significantly larger than the Burmese man began to overpower the smaller waiter and other staff joined in as they were afraid the American would seriously hurt the waiter. It took a dozen people to control the American before he fled on foot in the footage seen above.

It was not mentioned what he was trying to order.

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