Pattaya International Fireworks Festival 2019 ends with a bang, attracts thousands of visitors


The Pattaya City International Fireworks Festival is finished and was deemed a success by the organizers.

The event, which was celebrating 42 years since the official founding of Pattaya as a city, saw thousands of tourists, both domestic and foreign, along with many local residents and expats converge on the beach for a fireworks display that many called spectacular and stunning on social media.

Six countries participated, Thailand, Germany, The UAE, The Philippines, Canada and Argentina. The two day event saw brisk business at street vendors and the beer bars and restaurants along Beach Road appeared to be doing brisk business.

Several famous Thai music artists also performed such as 25 hours and Yessir Days.

The city also organized mobile toilet trucks, emergency first aid stations and information booths. Hundreds of tourist police and regular police helped patrol for safety.

Videos of the event can be found on our YouTube channel here:

An errant firework did light a small portion of the barge on fire at the end of last night’s show, however no injuries or major property damage was reported. It took about twenty minutes to put out.

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