Soi Dog Foundation hits 100,000 sterilizations for stray animals for the first time in a calendar year in Thailand

Press Release

Soi Dog hits 100,000 sterilizations for the first time in a calendar year

    The day we see no suffering of stray animals on the streets and the eradication of rabies in Thailand are the long-term goals of Soi Dog Foundation. The non-profit organization has made great strides towards these so far in 2019 by surpassing 100,000 stray dog and cat sterilizations in a calendar year for the first time in its history, an impressive increase on 53% compared to the same period last year. This has led to the neutering and vaccinating of more stray animals here in Thailand than any other organization in the world are currently achieving, with the total number of dogs and cats standing at 370,000 since the foundation’s inception in 2003.

    The sharp rise in numbers is a result of additional mobile clinic teams in Bangkok, where Soi Dog is expanding, and now consists of six teams moving around greater Bangkok – progressing faster and more efficiently than ever before. Soi Dog has also achieved more than 5,000 spay and neuter procedures in one month in Bangkok for the first time ever. The foundation is determined to keep on working to raise the number and is planning the introduction of more mobile teams in Bangkok in the near future, subject to local and international financial support from donors and animal lovers who share the vision to reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned animals on the streets of Thailand.

Adam Judd
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