Pattaya Indoor Cricket League (PICL) – Round 8 match report

Pattaya Indoor Cricket League (PICL) – Round 8 match report

Round 8 was postponed from Monday due to Loy Krathong and played at Rugby School Thailand (RST), Banglamung.  This week’s matches were between RST Cobras versus Pattaya Cricket Club (PCC) and RST Vipers versus Asian All Stars (AAS).

RST Cobras batted first.  Pete Reeh and Guthrie Miller scored steadily without loss despite quick and accurate bowling from Andy Emery and Matt Harkness.  Their score of 39 was an excellent start. RST Cobra’s ability to retain their wickets would be a feature of this match. Lee May and Will Howell continued in the same vain, scoring 28, but were hampered by Dexter West who managed 3 dot balls in a row. RST were going well with 69 for 0 at the half-way stage.  

Charlie Rowe and Lewis Madd took the next 3 overs and amassed 40 runs although Charlie was bowled by Andy Emery. Simon W had a terrible over where he bowled three wides, 2 of which went to the boundary and another was returned but with overthrows, resulting in 19 from the over but only 2 from the bat. Lee May and Chris Lindop took the last three overs.  33 were added for no loss with Chris scoring 20 off the bat and so RST completed their innings with 153 for 1, reduced to 148. This significant score included 48 runs in extras.

PCC opened with Simon Philbrook and Simon W.  They scored consistently but Simon W was bowled by a scorcher from Chris Lindop and Simon P miscued a ball to mid-wicket and was caught by Charlie Rowe. Not a good start at 17 for 2.  Jainish Parikh and Dexter West steadied the ship and got the scoreboard to 53 for 2 with the help of a 6 from Jainish. Charlie R’s slow bowling was very tidy and he managed 4 dot balls and gave away only 5 runs for the over.  Matt Harkness and Trevor Moolman (returned from injury) were next and they made a fine 30 runs, but Trevor was well caught down the leg side by Lee May off Will Howell and Matt was caught by Chris Lindop off Charlie R, 73 for 4 and well behind the asking rate.  Andy Emery and Bernie Lamprecht. Chris L’s first ball was a jaffa and bowled Andy E and was followed by 4 dots balls and a wide. Will Howell and Lewis Madd were hard to get away and so the final pair scored 23 for 1 wicket. Final score 118 for 5 reduced to 93 and a win to RST Cobras by 55 runs.  

PCC were lucky not to lose 2 wickets to run outs by Charlie Rowe as he hit the base of the stumps with direct hits from mid-wicket and short cover, but the bails did not dislodge. More Weetabix Mr Rowe.

Best bowler, batsman and MotM goes to Chris Lindop with an honourable mention to Charlie Rowe.

AAS won the toss and elected to bat.  As usual there was some big hits and lots of wickets.  Bharat and Jatin opened with Bharat getting 16 of the 25 runs and Jatin losing most of the wickets, being bowled, caught (a fine catch at slip by Chris sizer) and run out.  Bharat was also caught by a brilliant one-handed catch by Ryan Driver at long-on off debutant Stuart Douglas. 5 for 4 after 3 overs was not a good start. Dimple, another debutant, smashed 20 but was run out by a Tim Jones throw and bowled by the newcomer, Prev Wicks.  Bassu scored 12, making them 32 for 2 but the team was 31 for 6 at half way. Things got worse for AAS when Rajish was bowled twice in one over by Ryan Driver for only 3 runs, followed by Tim Jones having Rajish run out in the next over. Their score of 22 was largely negated by the loss of 3 wickets.  Prasana, another debutant, and Ashwin played sensibly and managed 21 for no loss but were constrained by tidy bowling from Steve Dunn, Tim Jones and Stuart Douglas – 10 dots balls in their 3 overs. AAS finished with 106 for 9 reduced to 61, a very manageable target.  

RST Vipers responded with Dan Allan and Chris Sizer scoring 26 for 1.  Chris had a swing and a miss and was smartly stumped by Bharat. Tim Jones and Prev Wicks and scored a moderate 18 but Tim had an injured leg and was unable to take quick singles.  This led to an unnecessary run out where Prev ran and failed to notice Tim was not running. Dimple’s quick and accurate bowling achieved 4 dot balls for only 5 runs conceded. 37 for 2 at half way and not much in it.  Stuart Douglas and Steve Dunn managed 21 for 1 – Stuart being bowled by Hardick’s accurate spin bowling. Dimple’s final over was economic with only 6 runs conceded. RST’s final 3 overs took charge of the game and with a combination of over throws, wides and a 6 from Steve Dunn, 40 runs were scored for no loss.   The innings was completed with 111 for 3, reduced to 96 and a win by 35 runs.

Best bowler was Ryan Driver with 2 overs, 12 for 2.  Best batsman was Steve Dunn. MotM Tim Jones 

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