Between 5000 to 8000 Chinese tourists average speed boat only beach visits to Koh Larn a day, city law enforcement says


Pattaya City Law Enforcement has recently been posting information on its social media in Thai detailing helping assist Chinese tourists to cross Beach Road and assisting with organization on the beach.

They noted that today for instance 4,990 tourists were escorted by tour group to speed boats waiting on the beach. This does not count tourists who rented speed boats independently.

Importantly, this also does not count the amount of tourists using the ferry and other transportation on Bali Hai Pier.

Critics on social media asked in comments why so many are still being taken on the beach when about a year ago it was announced that enforcement would be taken on only using the pier for arrival and departure on speed boats.

Speed boat vendors, however, have told the Pattaya News that logistically this is impossible and Bali Hai Pier is simply not ready or large enough to handle the amount of boats or tourists.

Several plans, as part of the Eastern Economic Corridor project, are in place to expand the pier so that this will be possible.

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