Pattaya Police encourage pedestrians to use crosswalks, start enforcement of drivers not stopping

Pattaya Police encourage pedestrians to use crosswalks

Pattaya –
The Pattaya Police have encouraged pedestrians to use crosswalks this morning. Additionally, they warned drivers that if you are caught not stopping it is a 1000 baht fine. The police stated to The Pattaya News that this will be heavily enforced.

The campaign was led by Maj Arut Sapanon along with the Pattaya City Law Enforcement officers in front of Mueang Pattaya 8 School (Pattaya Nukun).

Maj Arut told The Pattaya News, “This campaign is to encourage pedestrians to use crosswalks in order to prevent accidents.”

“If road users, both drivers and pedestrian follow traffic rules, accidents can be decreased.”

Social media response, as with most crosswalk related enforcement articles, was negative. Most users felt it still wouldn’t work despite newly painted crosswalks, signs in Thai and English throughout the city and heavier law enforcement presence at crosswalks in the city.

Many users on social media feel the concept and attempt to do something is commendable, however, the root cause is fundamental lack of driver education which has to be instilled at a basic level of driver training.

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