Foreign Tourist allegedly racing “big bike” injures two Thai students in accident near Bali Hai

Bali Hai-

At 1:00 AM this morning outside the Miracle Suites on Sai 3, near the overpass to Bali Hai, a young man who was only described by reporters as being from an Arab country on a large motorcycle collided with two young Thai students on a small bike.

The students were still dressed in school uniform. Khamasin Somasee, 18, who was driving had facial injuries. His passenger Miss Piyakarn Pathomban, 17, had severe head and facial injuries.

The Arab man, who police did not name, allegedly admitted to speeding and causing the accident. He was not injured other than scratches to his leg.

A motorcycle taxi driver witness told the media that he had seen the Arab cause the incident by turning into the hotel at high speed in front of the students giving them no chance.

Pattaya police took the Arab to the police station for further processing. He has allegedly given financial support to the injured parties and agreed to pay all damages.

Source: Rak Siam, Thai Visa photo credit Raksiam news.

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