Video: Seafood Restaurant in Chonburi with Go-Go style dancers threatened with shutdown by Governor


The governor of Chonburi province has ordered an inspection of a seafood restaurant in Sriracha district after a video of sexy dancers at the establishment went viral.

Footage taken at Bor Tok Gung SS Bor Win, a restaurant where you choose your own seafood from a large pool by fishing for it, shows several women in revealing shorts and shirts dancing on a table while the customers — including a family with a toddler — watch as they gather around the seafood pool and fish for their dinner.

Chonburi governor Pattaratorn Tianchai has asked the district officials to inspect the restaurant in question.

He stated that the sexy dance is considered public obscenity and should not be held in an establishment that registers itself as a restaurant. He also stated that Thai people as well as tourists find this sort of behaviour as “disgusting” and “offensive” and is not the proper image for the Chonburi area nor reflects the values of the larger Pattaya area.

The video has been shared on Facebook nearly half a million times and has gone viral on social media. Comments on social media from Thai locals are outraged and mostly state that this is not Thailand and not reflective of Chonburi and Pattaya.

The video, which according to the governor is offensive and disgusting and against Thai values, can be found below. Watch at your own risk.

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