Exclusive: Shocking photos of Pattaya city using long closed landfill site that runs directly into main public water reservoir


The following is a reader submission/editorial who lives near the site in question. The text and pictures are credit a private anonymous concerned citizen and not the official opinion or property of The Pattaya News.

Waste in Pattaya has recently become a critical concern as the main landfill is full and issues with public contractors have caused garbage to go days without being picked up. The main incinerator is at half working capacity due to multiple internal issues. Therefore, the city has started to re-use an older landfill location, which was closed previously due to the water level and environmental concerns as it essentially feeds into a major reservoir and water source.

This location, which is now a lake which feeds into several streams sits on a higher level about the cities Charnock reservoir, and is essentially polluting the reservoir. There is also a private dump 800 meters further downstream which also allows toxic waste to also pour into the reservoir and potentially contaminate a major water supply.

Again, The following pictures are credit of a concerned private citizen and do not reflect the opinions or official statement of the Pattaya news. We will be providing follow-up in the future and invite Pattaya City officials to respond.


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