Kindergarten Teacher at Pattaya School attacked with knife, robbed


On Wednesday afternoon of this week a Thai man, stated by police to be a local resident born and raised in Pattaya, came into the Ban Bang Lamung School at roughly 5PM on Wednesday evening and robbed and slashed a kindergarten teacher wrapping up work for the day.

Ms. Patrang (Full name not given) 34, stated that she was near the entrance of the school when the man arrived stating he was a parent and had a meeting with a teacher. He was given entrance to the school at that point.

According to CCTV the man wandered the school for a bit until he spotted Ms. Rungthiwa (Full name withheld) 39, where she was finishing paperwork alone.

He pulled a knife on her and attacked her and took her purse with roughly 6000 baht inside. He also severely wounded her face with repeated knife attacks.

Police state the man is known to him and a repeat troublemaker and they are on the hunt for him and have solid leads.

Ms. Rungthiwa is recovering in the hospital.


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