Part of Pattaya Beach once again shut off for “repairs”

A photo of the shuttered area of the beach.

First reported by Sophon Cable TV and confirmed by The Pattaya News, a large section of Pattaya Beach from the Dusit Thani Hotel until near Soi 2 has for the second time in a year been shuttered with metal fencing and closed to the public. This stretch of beach in total is over 300 meters and one of the first things a potential tourist sees when they arrive on Beach Road.

Previously this portion of beach was supposed to be sorted with an over 400 million baht budget allocated to make it beautiful and repair numerous sidewalk and beach issues. However, that never happened and it is unclear at this time what happened to the money that was allocated to this project.

Reports state that similar to the waste buildup issues we have reported on previously ( ) the issue stands with contractors for the project being removed or their contract terminated due to non payment and the project sitting unfinished.

Local residents have stated to Sophon cable and The Pattaya News that they are very frustrated with the amount of time this repair has taken.

Pattaya City states that the refurbishment should be done by the end of March, however, local residents are skeptical. We will provide further updates when we have them.

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